Download OST Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash – Nararock Festival (MP3)

Download OST Game Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

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Soundtrack List :

01. RAINBOW KISS (Full Ver.)
02. RAINBOW KISS (Yumi Ver.)
03. RAINBOW KISS (Asuka Ver.)
04. RAINBOW KISS (Instrumental)
05. Rest with Friends on the Beach
06. Sounds of Lonely Waves
07. The Beach Soaking Up the Horizon
08. A Tropical Splash Debate
09. Hot Springs! A Great Jet Tale
10. Ultimate Bon Appétit Land
11. Soaking Wet Hanzō Academy
12. Random Pounding Pirates!
13. Ocean! Sparkles, Sparkles, and More Sparkles!
14. Water Sprays on a Deserted Island
15. Water Drop and Dance of Cherry Blossom Flowers
16. Water Battle ☆ IN THE SNOW!
17. D-D-Ding! Water Pinball
18. Duel! All for One
19. Sis Is Back…Again!
20. Sister’s Duty
21. Beyond the Rainbow
22. Stream to the World! NewTube!
23. Talk About This ♡ and That
24. Complicated Feelings
25. Winning Strategy
26. Heart Vessel
27. Everyone’s True Intentions
28. Ayame’s Shopping Corner
29. Soak Gauge MAX!
30. Let’s ☆ PARTY PEOPLE! -Gessen-
31. Gessen Girls’ Academy Victory!
32. Wet with a Bit of Sweet & Sour! -Hanzō-
33. Hanzō National Academy Victory!
34. Merrily Explosive Water Guns! -Hebijo-
35. Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy Victory!
36. Midsummer Hyped Splash! -Crimson Squad-
37. Homura’s Crimson Squad Victory!
38. Damn it! Soaking Wet Kaboom! I Rest My Case -Mikagura-
39. Mikagura Sisters Victory!
40. Heated and Drenched! Come On! -New Wave-
41. Team New Wave Victory!
42. Tension Maxed! Soaking Wet Girls!
43. Independent Shinobi Girls Victory!
44. Survival Victory!
45. Excuses of the Defeated
46. Battle Over!
47. To the Winners

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